Monday, January 4, 2010

Not So Much

Oh boy.

Ann Lewinson, full-time film critic for the Fairfield County Weekly (where I am also employed), posted her list for the ten best movies of 2009, without much explanation. And by "much" I mean "any."

You can read it HERE.

I love that Gomorrah and Hunger are both on her list of the Top 10 Films of 2009, when technically, they're 2008 films. (Both were screened as part of 2008's New York Film Festival and were on everyone's Best of 2008 lists. Seriously.) While I get behind anyone that includes The Princess & the Frog on their year-end lists, Ms. Lewinson shows a penchant for loving really boring bullshit (The White Ribbon, An Education, Limits of Control). Also, I don't trust any person who says they love film but doesn't have Inglourious Basterds or Up on their year-end list.

Also - Avatar on her worst-of list?


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